Voice Actor for Zenigata in "Lupin The Third" Dies At Age 83

Veteran voice actor will truly be missed

Naya Gorou, famous for his voice acting role as Inspector Zenigata of Lupin the Third, has passed away due to chronic respiratory failure at 3am on March 5th. He was 83 years old.



Besides Zenigata, Naya also voiced Captain Okita in Space Battleship Yamato and is remembered as the voice of John Wayne and Charlton Heston in Japan.


Naya gave a farewell speech at the funeral of Yamada Yasuo, the original voice actor for Lupin, saying "Hey Lupin, who am I supposed to chase from now on?" in tears as if Zenigata would have talked to him according to Japanese Wikipedia. Many people tweeted that Zenigata must be happily chasing after Lupin.


Source: Yahoo

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