Yahoo Japan Changes Homepage To Remember 3/11

Two years have gone by since the disaster

Two years ago today, the devestating earthquake hit the Tohoku region of Japan.


DDN Japan reports Yahoo! Japan has changed the top page of their main site to remember and share the current effort of rebuilding Touhoku from the damage caused by Great East Japan Earthquake.


The link to the article occupies the major portion of the top page today.



Once clicking the link, it shows the instruction on how to scroll through the page.



Top page of the article. As DDN Japan made the note on the image, the navigation bar sits on the side.



On this page, visitors can scroll to see photos of each affected prefectures at the time of disaster.



"A start from zero. Taking one step at a time towards the future" The photos are from people Yahoo! japan interviewed for their reconstruction efforts.



Sakaki Itaru, 67 years old in Iwate prefecture talks about his experience surviving the tsunami and how he decided to open his cottage that also survived the disaster as a library for children.


At the end, there are links to Yahoo!Japan's earthquake reconstruction support page. Unfortunately, it's in Japanese only.



It's been two years since the day that changed everything. It's great to know poeple in Tohoku are making a steady progress towards reconstruction.


Here are some links I found to learn and to support the reconstruction in English.


NDL Great East Japan Earthquake Archive

Full digital archive of the disaster by National Diet Library Japan.


Reconstruction Agency

Access to official progress reports by Japanese government.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Recovery From Great East Japan Earthquake page has videos of support and reading materials


Embassy of Japan in UK

The Embassy Foyer Gallery is hosting a photo exhibition for the second anniversary of the disaster until March 29th


"TOMODACHI initiative"

Ongoing project that is a public-private partnership that supports Japan’s recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake by the USA and Japan.


Dareka No Tameni Project by AKB48

There is a link for making donation by credit card in English for official Great East Japan Earthquake Relief Fund. You can also download a free song about it by the group.


Pray For Japan : Kokoro Wo Hitotsu Ni

A brilliant documentary by TOKYOPOP's Stu Levy


See what Crunchyroll is doing, here.

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