VIDEO: Memorize All 15 Tokugawa Shoguns With This Song!

Dance to memorize all 15 Tokugawa names

Have you noticed Japanese people love silly dances? Here is a new one from famous mangaka, Shiriagari Kotobuki, who came up with this simple animation called "Yuru-mation" ("Yurui" means loose in Japanese) and this video is actually educational, if you want to memorize all 15 Tokugawa Shogun for your Japanese History exam.


The video is titled "Narabe Uta" (literal translation would probably be "lining up song") and choreography is done by Lucky Ikeda who also works with Japanese idol groups such as Morning Musume and Affilia Saga East.



I can just imagine Odottemita videos to be uploaded soon with Yuru-mation dances.

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