More Anime Clothing In Your Daily Life!

It's not cosplay, but inspired by the characters

Have you ever wanted to dress like an anime character? Instead of doing a cosplay or wearing a very geeky looking anime character T-shirt, there are more ways to represent your fandom in your daily life.


If you want to rock that cool jacket a character from your favorite anime is wearing, how can you help it?  WebR25 noticed that there is more anime inspired clothing available on the market. More and more characters in anime are wearing normal or even stylish clothing that would work in real life and as the fan base of anime gets expanded, more people are willing to explore their fandom through fashion.


Appareal brands like "plot", "BEAMS", and "BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT" are doing collaboration with anime to reproduce the clothes the characters are wearing for real people to wear.


Just a note, most of them are pre-order only or available in limited quantities and are not available any more.



Space Battelship Yamato Flight jacket by plot



U.N. Nerv Work Jacket


Mawaru PenguinDrum Himari set by Innocent World


Innocent World also made them in different colors for daily use.




Noitamina caught on this trend very quickly and has been regularly updating their apparel line from the shows on the block. These items are still available through their online store.


Eden Of The East

Morimi Saki Custom Jacket and the Dress




Guilty Crown

Tsutsugami Gai Long Coat




Kids On The Slope

Sentarou Red Border Stripe Shirt





Kougami Shinya Jacket




Ginoza Nobuchika Glasses




BEAMS went little further and dressed anime characters with their existing line of clothing. Opening theme of TIGER & BUNNY the Movie: The Beginning features characters in BEAMS clothing.


Here are Barnaby and Kotetsu coordinates for the movie.  (Tweeted by BEAMS Press account)



Will there be a day that the stereotype of Otaku being unfashionable be reversed? Would you wear any of these clothing items? Or have you ever used anything that you already have to dress like any character from anime?

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