Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Becomes Wine Brand Ambassador!

"PON PON yellow tail Pink Moscato"

If you are 20 years old in Japan, congratulations: you are of legal drinking age. In Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s case (she turned the big 2-0 on January 29), being 20 also means you are old enough for your first alcoholic beverage sponsorship deal...



Yesterday at a press conference, Kyary was announced as the “brand ambassador” for yellow tail Pink Moscato wine, a hooch from Australia sold by Sapporo in Japan (she's already the "Kawaii Ambassador" of Harajuku, so chalk up another title). Kyary claimed that Pink Moscato was the very first booze she tried on her 20th birthday last January. She says that being selected to represent the brand came as a surprise, “But it feels like YATTA! And it made me happy!”



The result will be an aggressive marketing campaign, starting today, featuring Kyary wearing what looks like a Burger King crown stuffed with bottle encompassing billboards, commercials targeting train commuters, and point of purchase ads galore...



Wine and Kyary might seem like a weird combination at first (a lot of her fans are probably too young to pay the 880 yen per bottle fee for a sparkling rose wine made with a mix of muscat and chiraz), but her music and videos are pretty intoxicating so maybe it was only a matter of time.






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