News Flash: White Day Internet Events In Japan

It's White Day in Japan time!

 It is White Day in Japan, and lots of activties are in the air as men present girls with chocolate and gifts to return thanks for similar offerings on Valentine's Day! Let's see some of the fun that is happening online...


Haganai Next Official page




Utano Prince Sama Official Twitter

Official twitter accounts are active again! All of them went to sleep at 2AM Japan time, and I am guessing the early risers will be up again in few hours.





Black Butler 2 anime official account

Author, Toboso Yana posted the first White day illustration. She says there are more to come through out the day. Toboso Sensei is great at fan service!




Voice actors are also tweeting!

Nakata Joji, voice of Giroro from Sergent Keroro and Kotomine Kirei of Fate/Zero



ufotable, a studio created Fate/Zero anime

 But, but, where is Lancer!?


I will continue to monitor the activities!


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