"PSYCHO-PASS" White Day Collaboration Desserts

Featuring male characters in tails, popular anime returns favor to female fans

PSYCHO-PASS is doing a collaboration with Patisserie Swallowtail White Rose to offer White Day special desserts!


The story of the anime is getting more intense as it gets close to the finale, here is something to go "awwww" over and forget about the fact that they are about to kill each other!



Two PSYCHO-PASS themed desserts are available at Noitamina Shops and the Pattiserie Swallowtail store. 


Each purchase will come with an original coaster with illustrations of Chimi Chara Psycho-Pass by Yu~pon while supplys last. Kougami, Ginoza and Kagari (*tears*) are in tails in black and Makishima in white tails!


(I wish they put Masaoka san in tails, too....)




Public Safety Bureau Official Comissar Tarou Cake  630 yen





Chimi Butlers' Welcome Cookies  1,050 yen



The special desserts are available from March 14th to 31st. The cake will be available at Noitamina Shop Odaiba on White Day only, while both cake and cookies are available at Pattiserie Swallowtail store during the collaboration period. As a special treat for White Day, 3 butlers from Butler cafe Swallowtail will serve masters and madames at the Noitamina Shop, Odaiba location on March 14th.

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