New "Ita-suits" for Otaku Salarymen

And "Ita" does not mean "Italian"

We have seen "Ita-sha" cars, "Ita-PC" computer, "Ita-snobo" snowboards and other things that are decorated with "moe" illustrations. Now people at "Ita-suits Project" wants to make a business suit for you. Otalab reports.



According to their website, the concept for the customized business suits is "Always together, together anytime" and that is the reason why they choose to customize the inner liner of a business suit for their portability compared to a car or a PC.


The "Ita-suits" project will get you a made-to-order business suit with "moe" liner inside which is a different experience from getting a cheap mass-produced suit with "moe" inner liner slapped on. It sounds like they are experienced tailors and the "moe" illustration can be anything of your choice. The "Ita-suits" project is willing to work with original artists to clear any copyright issues before the production of the suit, making it truly one and only and uniquely yours.



The site has not offered any photos of the finished product yet, however, there are few original illustrations featuring Ita-suits and the official twitter account uploaded photos of a prototype.







Ita-suits are not as obvious as Ita-sha since the art will be on the inside only. Would you order one for yourself? 


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