Supercell to Perform New Opening Theme For "Katanagatari" Re-run

Piko of Nico Nico fame sings the new ending theme

Katanagatari, based on Nisio Ishin's light novel and first broadcast in 2010, will be in the next series line-up on the Noitamina time slot for the Spring season in April. Nisio Ishin also wrote Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari.



Katanagatari originally aired as a unique monthly 1 hour per episode series. Each episode animated a volume of the original light novel that has 12 volumes total. Despite the exceptional quality of the series, it did not create a strong following because of the airing format, since it made it difficult to be set on a regular schedule.


Noitamina producer Yamamoto Koji noticed the series' potential and has been wanting to present it to the audience in the better environment of the time slot (source Tokyo Anime News). Yamamoto says he choose Katanagatari to be the first series on Noitamina's new challenge of the expanded 1 hour time slot because of its promised quality out all all the choices available, including new shows. To go with the new broadcasting schedule, the series will feature a new opening and ending theme.


OP "Hakushu Kassai Uta Awase" by Supercell


ED "Koto No Ha" by Piko

Piko is one of the first wave of Nico Nico singers and the one of the singers that represents "Ryousei rui", meaning a singer with the skill to sound like the opposite gender. He is male.




Katanagatari follows Togame, a calculating female strategist and Shichika, a human sword on a journey to collect all 12 special swords created by the legendary swordsmith, Shikizaki Kiki. The character design is from the beautiful illistrations by illustrator Take for the light novel series.


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