"Macross F" Food Collaboration Menu Tests Your Love For Ranka

In support of Ranka's food endorsement, JOYSOUND is offering an interesting set of dishes

Macross F fans, have you seen these scenes from their first movie?




In her struggling days as a new idol, Ranka Lee was doing promotion for Star Light Natto (Natto: fermented soybeans, a Japanese delicacy).


JOYSOUND, a Japanese karaoke chain, will offer a special  Macross Collaboration menu in their official Macross rooms that were opened in November last year as a part of the franchise's 30th anniversary promotion. I looked at the menu and am just impressed with their decision to go there. Take a look.


Star Light Natto Parfait  680 yen

Ewwwwwwww! Not only is Natto used in this parfait, it is the main ingredient! You can see more beans in the glass and whipped cream on top of it, then more Natto!


There are more Natto dishes and they don't look as bad as the parfait.


Star Light Natto Hot Dog and Super Star Light Hot Dog (Spicy)  450 yen each


Don't worry, there are regular food items, too. They are all insipred by Macross F episodes and characters.

Chili Chili Dog and Super Chili Chili Dog 400 yen each, inspired by "Star Date" episode.


 Fire Bomber Pizza, Lovely Bomber Pizza at 1480 yen each and Double Bomber Pizza (half and half of previous two) for 1580 yen. Lovely Bomber is a band unit that appeared in the second movie.



They also have appetizing parfaits, too.

Gorgeous Delicious Deculture Parfait and Baby Pink Parfait  750 yen


Ranka's brother's own Pine Cake  780 yen (death flag optional?)



The collaboration extends to drinks, too! The catch here is, all of them are named with lines of dialogue from the Macross series and you have to say it to order. Translation is done by me for your reference, please don't mind if it's different from official lines in English.


"Totsugeki Rum Coke!" by Ozuma  720 yen

"DIEEEE!!!" By Bobby  680 yen

"You can not be afraid to get drunk to drink!" By Michael and Klan  680 yen



"Oniichan no baka baka baka--!!" by Ranka  620 yen

"I will shake the galaxy with my drink!" by Sheryl  620 yen



"Mylene Choppin Gubaba" by Mylene  620 yen

"Anima Spiritia" by Gebelniche  580 yen



"Leave it to me. I never miss a target if it's a girl or an enemy!" by Michael  680 yen

"You both are my wings" by Alto  680 yen



 Would you try the Star Light Natto Parfait? I'm not sure if I want to. Is there any other food you would like to try?

I was excited to see the Michael and Klan drink! While I feel a little sorry for the ordertakers at JOYSOUND, are there any lines you would like to say to order from the menu?

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