Nintendo Loses 3DS Patent Infringement Case to the Tune of $30.2 Million

Company found guilty of infringing on Seijiro Tomita's tech

Back in 2011, Seijiro Tomita of Tomita Technologies filed a lawsuit claiming that Nintendo's 3DS portable infringed on his patent for stereoscopic technology. This week, a federal jury in New York ruled Nintendo guilty, awarding Tomita $30.2 million in compensatory damages. 


Tomita's original patent for "technology relating to displaying stereoscopic images on-screen for viewing with the naked eye, i.e., without utilizing glasses or other devices" was filed in 2003 and granted in 2008.


Though Nintendo's defense attorney, Scott Lindvall, argued that the 3DS doesn't use key aspects of Tomita's patent, clearly it was enough to be deemed infringement. 



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