More Anime Inspired Clothing

Three more clothing brands to offer anime inspired designs

Since the last article, a few more Japanese brands caught my attention with their anime inspired designs and collaborations. You may have already heard of them or you may have not, but let's find out more together!


earth music & ecology



earth offers clothing that feels natural while keeping up with current fashion trends. Japan Label, one of earth's clothing labels just turned a year old since it started as the collaboration with Vocaloid and select illustrators. This collaboration is more akin to using Vocaloid characters as models to showcase earth's individual items.


earth x Miku & Rin x Chiri


Shirt  4,998 yen

Denim pants 9,990 yen (Both S and M only)

An illustrator by the name of Chiri drew Miku and Rin in earth clothing. Collaboration items will be available on earth's net shop from March 30th.



earth x Hatsune Miku x MIKU-Pack


earth has also collaborated with vocaloid magazine, MIKU-Pack to offer clothing and accessories inspired by the above illustration by Y Oji.

Items will be available from March 31.




NO. S [identicaly]

"NO.S id" for short, this label under NO.S finds its position in between anime and real clothing. They offer quality clothing with designs that are inspired by anime characters. NO.S also has another label, COS_PRETTO, which is dedicated to creating cosplay costumes.


Velvet Lolita Set Up inspired by Kushina Anna of K  15,800 yen



Tuck Pleats Dress inspired by the main character of Amnesia  15,800 yen (pre-order till March 24th)

The dress comes in 3 colors, Cobalt Turquoise as in Amnesia, Coral Pink and Black. They also have the knit cardigan and the beret, if you want to go that far.



Double Tailored Jacket inspired by Shirogane Naoto of Persona 4  16,800 yen

Also comes in Black and yes, they have the pants and the casket hat as well.



Touka An Ribbon Hair Clip inspired by Otome Yokai Zakuro  4,200 yen

This is so adorable and the design really captures the essense of the series.





Probably most famous of 3 brands in this article, galaxxxy has celebrity fans such as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and has done collaboration with Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt in the past. Here are their current collaborations.


galaxxxy x Wooser's Hand-to-Mouth Life

Stuffed Wooser Backpack  8,925 yen



Wooser-sama Knit Hoodie  7,875 yen



What do you think? Are they wearable? Did you like any of them?

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