VIDEO: "Gunslinger Stratos" Game Gets Animated in New Promo

Square Enix's arcade shooter features conceptual writing by Gen Urobuchi

With conceptual writing by Fate/zero and Madoka Magica's Gen Urobuchi, it should be no surprise that Square Enix's gun-blastin' arcade game Gunslinger Stratos is being promoted with a new anime clip. The promo was revealed in Tokyo at Sunday's "Game no Dengeki Kanshasai 2013" event, and you can see it in all its glory below.



Back when Gunslinger Stratos was pipin' hot and being playtested in Akihabrara, we got a little hands-on time with it. The arcade title features romping 4x4 gun fights in destructible environments, pitting two sides of a split Japan against one another in the year 2115. 


Character designs and animation at projectNo9 were handled by The Girl Who Leapt Through Space's Yousuke Kabashima. In addition to Urobuchi's conceptual work, Gunslinger Stratos' original game designs came from Bayonetta's Mari Shimazaki, Fate/Extra's Aruko Wada, Heroman's Shigeto Koyama, and Dog: Bullets & Carnage's Shirow Miwa. 





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