"Ace Attorney 5" Heroine Kizuki Kokone Will Read Your Heart

Next chapter arrives in Japan this year, will have western release

We've gotten a glimpse of Ace Attorney 5 heroine Kizuki Kokone before, but Capcom recently updated the official website with a full profile of the latest addition to Wright Anything Agency. This is who'll be lawyering alongside Phoenix Wright and co.



Kokone's key skill is her Heart Scope ability, which lets her read the emotions behind a witness' testimony and better separate the truth from the lies and contradictions. Here she is pulling up the Heart Scope monitor, which shows her a mix of emotions and static noise that can be cleared by finding discrepancies between various combinations of testimonies and emotions.



Bring the noise down to 0% and the emotion reading becomes an official case fact. 


Ace Attorney 5—in which both the courtroom and investigation sections are now 3D—is set to arrive on 3DS in Japan this year, and Capcom previously said it will be getting a western release. 


Via Siliconera



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