An Early Look at Battle Manga Focused "Jump VS"

Collection of 12 action manga one-shots set to hit Japan on March 22nd

Set to be released in Japan on March 22nd, Jump VS promises to offer a collection of battle manga that will challenge the Weekly Shounen Jump lineup of NarutoBleach and the like. This magazine will feature specials by known quantities along with one shots by rookie authors that could be promoted to the main magazine.  



Highlights of the 12 one-shot fight card include:


Lead CP: "Stealth Symphony" (Story: Narita Ryougo (Durarara), Art: Amano Youichi (AKABOSHI))
Center Colour: "Kokodake no Himitsu" (Iwamoto Naoki - Magico), Kaibutsu Kangoku (newcomer)

Special Projects
1. Poster by Oobata Takeshi (Death Note, Bakuman)
2. Poster by Amano Akira (Reborn)
3. Spmanga by Ooishi Kouji (Inumaru Dashi)
4. Talk with Masashi Kishimoto (Naruto) VS. Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro (Toriko)
5. "Jump Best VS Project" 




Takeshi Obata


Akira Amano




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