"Chihayafuru" Author Auctions Role in Manga for 3/11 Charity

Bids are at approximately $1000 a day before closing

"Chihayafuru" author Suetsugu Yuki is auctioning a role in her popular manga on Yahoo! Japan Auction. The winner will be turned in to a character by Suetsugu and appear in the manga as Chihaya's classmate, a rival or a teacher for example. Natalie says the winner can request which character to interact in the manga as well.


Above, a sample of how the winner can appear in manga by Suetsugu. The winner, a male in an apron at the top, is introducing himself to Chihaya.

Translation (a scene at a convenience store)

The winner in an apron: Ms. Ayase, my name is Tazawa, I'm working at this convenience store. I don't know Karuta, but my hobby is Haiku! Let me read you one! "All the idols in the centerfold looks like you to me..."

The auction will close at 8:04pm of March 20th, Japan time (approx. early morning Wednesday, US time).


This auction is to raise funds for the Stories from 311 charity, started by Hiura Satoru, the autor of Hotaru no Hikari manga and 10 other well-known Japanese shojo and josei mangaka, such as Kuragehime author, Higashimura Akiko and Kaikan Phrase author, Shinjo Mayu. All 11 mangaka visited the disaster area and picked up a story of the people who survived it or about their own experience of 3/11 and turned them into a 8-page-long manga per mangaka. All the profits from the sale and royalties from the comic and the digital copies will be donated to 4 different groups for their disaster relief funds.


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