Limited Edition Punk Hazard "One Piece" Busts Coming Soon

On sale in August

Bandai has begun taking preorders for the newest entries in their popular “Mask Collection” character bust series based on the Punk Hazard story arc from One Piece.
The current set, based on characters from One Piece, is the fifth One Piece Mask Collection release, and is available exclusively through Premium Bandai, the official Bandai online store.


The three busts included in the set depict One Piece characters Nami, Tashigi, and Monet during the Punk Hazard story arc. In the anime series, due to Trafalgar Law’s “Shambles” power, Nami’s soul has been replaced with Sanji’s, and Tashigi’s has been replaced with Smoker’s. The set is rounded out by a bust of Monet, who appears during the Punk Hazard story arc. The busts each measure between 85 and 100 millimeters tall.


The set of three busts retails for 3,780 yen. Preorders will be accepted until 3:00 PM on May 17th. Orders will ship in late August.



Thanks to Trafalgar Law, Nami’s soul has been switched with Sanji’s.



Tashigi’s soul has been replaced by Smoker’s.



Punk Hazard character Monet also makes an appearance.


Premium Bandai



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