Chinese Manga Fan Creates Striking Perspective Art Where He's The Star

His art messes up your sense of perspective, in a good way

Gaikuo-Captain, a student at Beijing Chemical Engineering University, originally just wanted to make a profile photo for himself and somehow ended up with stuff like the following photos below. He is definitely a manga and anime fan to say the least.




He created a set of 21 images, posted them on the internet, and earned 10,000 views in one day.










I think this Sai drawing is just so perfectly capturing how it would look if it was real!












In an interview by a local newspaper, he said those characters he used in his art are the ones he dearly loves, that he considers them as a part of his life. He said it brought back many memories while working on them. He explains that he started with imagining a scene in his head then taking a photo of himself in a pose in that scene, then bringing in a photo editing program to draw onto it. Some images took multiple attempts to achieve his satisfaction. All of this attention he is receiving now is a suprise to him, since he only wanted to share the image so people can comment on the characters he loves. Well, sir, I think you got talent.


Gaikuo-Captain Weibo


Source with translation help from Yukie

Photos from Hamusoku

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