"Dragon Ball Z" Movie Preview Event In Tokyo

The movie will be in Japanese theaters on March 30th

Toei posted a report of the preview event of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods held in Tokyo on the 16th.





Japanese rock band FLOW showed up in DBZ cosplay and performed the movie's opening theme, "CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA" and "HERO~Kibou no Uta~", an original song which will be used in the movie. The movie will open in Japan on the 30th.



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The movie's main site has a link to a page where you can send Chi to Goku. It says something will happen when it is completed and I am assuming that's when the movie opens.

Click the yellow "Start" button.


The instruction page says click the orange button as many times you can to send Chi into the Genki Dama. The name of the move and the lines from the show you will get will change according to the number of hits. Then hit yellow "OK!!!" for the actual game.


My genki parameter for today is 76 and the total Genki so far is 654957. You can share your genki score on Twitter and Facebook as well.

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