Meet the 2013 Evangelion Race Queens!

Debuted yesterday at the Evangelion Store in Harajuku

Springtime means new flowers in bloom, new shows on TV, and…new Evangelion Race Queens running around Tokyo!


Originally put together to promote the Rebuild of Evangelion movie series, the Evangelion Racing Queens are now as much a valuable part of the franchise as Eva Doritos, Eva Pachinko, and Eva Pizza Hut promotions. But at the end of 2012, the reigning Race Queens “graduated” from their duties, leaving the door wide open for new faces…



Yesterday at the official Evangelion Store in Harajuku, Ryuji Tsuruta – director of the Evangelion Racing motorcycle team – introduced the new girls who will be cheering on Eva racers and their hot machines in major racing events.




Sasaki kana (Ayanami Rei)


Izumi Terumi (Asuka)


 Morizono Ren (Mari)


Fukutaki Riri (Shinji)


Kitayama Natsumi (Kaworu)


As mentioned earlier, the girls were (ahem) rolled out at the Eva store in Hararjuku, and you can relive the thrilling drama below as fans lined up, exclusive merchandise was hawked, and the girls even worked the cash register!








Expect to see a lot more of the new Eva Race Queens in the year ahead, but still…part of me is pretty sad to see the old guard go, especially Noa Mizutani. Is there a junkyard for old Eva Race Queens?



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