VIDEO: New "Resident Evil: Revelations" Trailer Recaps the Story

HD console/PC port of 3DS original heads to North America on May 21

Resident Evil: Revelations is getting an HD upgrade on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and PC, and Capcom wants to refresh everyone with another look at the story prior to release. Check out the "Fear on Board" trailer below. 



Revelations is set for a North American release on May 21, with Europe to follow on May 24. The port of the 3DS original adds a playable Rachel in Raid Mode, as well as two brand new enemies.


Capcom recently detailed some of the special features coming to the Wii U version, including the ability to utilize off-TV play on the GamePad. Players will also be able to post dying messages on the Game Over screen for others to see via Miiverse, and they can taunt friends by personalizing the thoughts of enemies in Raid Mode with the "Creatures Voice" function. 



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