VIDEO: "Shake You*", the Trippy New PV by Yun*Chi

Song by kz of livetune

Fans of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu may already be familiar with Yun*chi, a model-turned-singer signed to Harajuku-based talent agency ASOBI SYSTEM (if you need a crash course, I wrote a big thing about her on my blog a while back).


Now, Yun*chi is set to release her second mini-LP, which like her debut, featuresongs written and produced by kz of Vocaloid supergroup livetune. The first single, “Shake You*”, along with the psychedelic, dazzling, sometimes disturbing PV below, makes a stronger impression than Yun*chi’s debut "Reverb" least to these eyes and ears...



The Shake You* mini-LP goes on sale on 4/17 in Japan and the publicity images bode well for a mind-altering future ahead for Yun*chi and friends.





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