Presenting The Cosplay Photographers Network!

Welcome to the Cosplay Photographers Network; your gateway to connecting cosplayers and photographers!


When Crunchyroll Ambassador site Cosplay Photographers was first started, not long after, they realized what the cosplay community wanted, or rather what they NEEDED: A database of photographers. There are already plenty of great sites for cosplayers to showcase their cosplays, but nothing for the cosplay photographers.

Today, the Cosplay Photographers Network is born.

What the Cosplay Photographers Network represents is a place for cosplayers, cosplay photographers, and cosplay videographers to find other photographers and videographers. As well as to which Anime conventions each of them might be going to. It’s also a resource for cosplayers to find a photographer at a convention they might be attending, and vice versa.


Join in and learn all about this new and exciting addition created by the cosplay community, for the cosplay community.

We're excited to see how this will change the cosplay world, and we’ll see you at!

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