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Roster of Mecha for Episodic "Super Robot Taisen OE" Revealed

Download only PSP strategy RPG will be song in chapter increments

Rather than a packaged game, or even a single download, the next entry in the mecha smorgasbord Super Robot series will be an episodic serial. The first part of Super Robot Wars Operation Extend will go for 500 yen, with later chapters of the PSP game selling for 1000yen. A complete bundle is planned, but that will be download only.


Mecha included will pull from:

Gurren Lagann

Code Geass


Sgt. Frog

Jushin Liger

Go Saurer


Shin Mazinger

Gundam, 08 MS Team

Gundam 0080

Gundam Z

Gundam ZZ

G Gundam

Gundam Wing

Gundam Seed

Gundam 00

Macross F






via Yaraon

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