New Production of "Moyashimon" Beer Sells Out Again

Beer created with author's input sold after making debut last year

If you watch Moyashimon, you can tell the author, Ishikawa Masayuki, definitely is passionate about fermented food. It is only natural that he teamed up with a brewery in Japan to create original Moyashimon beer.



Ishikawa (left) with the beermeister, Iwamoto, of Sankt Gallen, a Japanese brewery. It was created first to participate in Super Oktoberfest in Japan in 2012 and sold out 2,000 liters in 3 days.


2,200 yen for a set of 3 bottles


The beer "Super India Pale Ale" uses 6 times the regular amount of hops and that makes this beer unusually bitter with gorgeous aroma. The International Bitterness Units (IBU) scale of this beer is 110, where a regular beer is about 20 and about 40 to 65 for regular IPA.


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The first time the beer went on sale online in 2012, it sold out in 10 minutes. This time, it went on sale at 10am on March 26th in Japan and of course, it is already sold out again. Fans may still be able to find it at selected liquor stores or enjoy it at selected bars and restaurants in Japan.


Source: Netlab

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