"Fate/zero" Chogokin Gilgamesh Pre-Orders Begin April 3rd

The AmiAmi blog features the Chogokin figure of the golden one from Fate/zero, Gilgamesh

The AmiAmi blog recently featured the forthcoming Chogokin Fate/zero Archer Gilgamesh before it opens for pre-order on April 3rd!


"Whose permission did you obtain to lay your eyes on me?"


He previously made a cameo appearance in our previous article for Chogokin Saber, now here is a full feature.


His Nobe Phantasm, Ea:Sword of Rapture, is included with the figure.



With Chogokin Saber. Nice height difference!



The Chogokin Gilgamesh also includes golden glasses so you can make him do the "Can I buy you a drink?" pose.





The noble base for the noble one.



Another feature, Chogokin Gilgamesh easily crosses his arms which is a pose considered difficult to achieve for chogokin figures in general.



Golden vase and glasses.


I may have to hurry myself to click "order" before I get blinded by his golden grace.


Source: AmiAmi

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