Gundam Cafe Bringing Back Udon Flavored "Gunpla-Yaki" Snack

It literally has udon inside the flour crust!

One of the tourist attractions right in front of Akihabara station in Japan is the Gundam Cafe. This popular Gundam themed restaurant sells Gunpla Yaki, a snack similar to Taiyaki (usually a fish-shaped pastry), that's shaped like a 1/144 scale Gundam model.



It has a baked flour crispy outside and the choice of red bean paste or cream inside. It's great for munching while walking around Akihabara. I have tried the cream one and it was pretty good! The cafe will bring back one of the special flavors for their "Gundam SEED & SEED Destiny Fair" that starts on April 3rd.


The Cafe's official Twitter account posted a photo of the Gunpla-Yaki snack.

Well, you can't really tell from outside.


It's Kitsune Udon flavor in honor of Andrew "Andy" Waltfeld from the series.


This brings up an important question: How do you make a sweet dessert Kitsune udon flavored?? There was an article about it when it was first introduced.


It has the Udon noodle and the deep fried tofu "Oage" inside!! No wonder it tastes like Kitsune udon because it's actually inside of it!! It's not very sweet, but the soy sauce flavor is not bad, the author of the article reports.


The Gunpla Yaki Kitsune udon flavor is available from April 3rd to May 29th for to go orders only at Gundam Cafe in Akihabara for 200 yen each.

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