"Nyarko-San" Battles Other Lovecraftian Anime Characters in April Fools' Strategy RPG

Promises (possibly eroge) CG that will make you lose all sanity points!

In honor of April Fools' day, game maker Nitroplus has brought togther 14 anime, light novel, visual novel and manga incarnations of Lovecraftian evil, mostly chaos god Nyarlathotep to do battle in fictional strategy RPG Konton Taisen - Thousand Confusian Wars. It'll be out for the 3DREAMSTATION LL when the stars are right.






Characters include:


Nyarko-san - of course


DYN Freaks' Chaos Knight


Nyarlathotep from Alicia Y (Juan Gotoh's Jack the Ripper/Lovecraft series)

Kouyoku no Soleil -vii’s World-

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sonaniru - what's a beautiful memories' Ticking Man (an evil that Thomas Edison unleashed on the world in an eroge game that drew from Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland)


From the same, The M (aka James Moriarty)

Cain Murasame from Kentaro Yano's five-volume series Jashin Densetsu

Nobutsuna Kamiizumi from Shūmatsu Shōjo Gensou Alicematic

Demonbane's Naia


Christian XX'Hiraga Gennai

From Phantom Bullet

From Hiro Itou and artist Gyo's The Devil Doesn't Pay Me the Rent

Lulu from Mahou Shoujo Pretty Bell

Creeping Chaos from Wild Arms

It even promises (possibly eroge) CG that will make you lose all sanity points!


Meanwhile, http://nyaruko.com/ has its own April Fools' splash


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