Guess Who Tops the Fan-Favorite "Street Fighter" Character List

Capcom release full results following PAX East portion

Capcom kicked off a poll last month, asking both Japanese and English fans who their favorite characters from the Street Fighter franchise are. After unveiling a partial list at PAX East, the full results are now available, and for the most part the top picks are business as usual.


Due to the sheer amount of votes cast by English users, the top of the Overall and English lists are identical. Things get interesting, however, with the Japanese list, which sees Karin from Street Fighter Alpha 3 dethroning Ryu. Looks like a bunch of Karin fans got organized for this one. 


Most of the rest of the Japanese top 5 keeps things different, too, with Ingrid and R. Mika joining Ryu and Cammy. Check out the overall top 10 and the top 5 characters from both English and Japanese rankings below, and be sure to head to the link above for the full list.



Overall Top 10

Ryu - 18,740 votes (5.90%)

Ken - 15,058 votes (4.70%)

Akuma - 14,201 votes (4.40%)

Chun-Li - 11,922 votes (3.70%)

Cammy - 11,670 votes (3.60%)

Sakura - 9,517 votes (3.00%)

Karin - 9,148 votes (2.90%)

Juri - 8,715 votes (2.70%)

Sagat - 8,367 votes (2.60%)

Q - 7,589 votes (2.40%)


English Top 5

Ryu - 15,856 votes (30.60%)

Ken - 13,511 votes (26.10%)

Akuma - 12,685 votes (24.50%)

Chun-Li - 9,797 votes (18.90%)

Cammy - 9,260 votes (17.90%)



Japanese Top 5

Karin - 3,348 votes (27.40%)

Ryu - 2,884 votes (23.60%)

Cammy - 2,410 votes (19.70%)

Ingrid - 2,393 votes (19.60%)

R. Mika - 2,254 votes (18.50%)


Really? Q is one of the ten favorite Street Fighter characters ever? I mean, Q is cool and all, but there are a lot of characters to choose from! Who's your favorite from the franchise?


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