"Cardcaptor Sakura" Receives a Corporate Promotion for Her Birthday

Sakura Kinomoto's Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO. takes over CLAMP's web presence

April 1st is Cardcaptor Sakura Kinomoto's birthday. So, in honor of that occasion and April Fools' Day, CLAMP has made the magic girl the president of Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD, (April 1st CO.)


The Joke took over CLAMP-NET.COM and @clamp_news, even going so far as to recruit future employees. 







The Twitter log said...

Today we are proud to announce the founding of the ShigatsuTsuitachi Corporation!  We are currently recruiting new staff, for more information please visit clamp-net.com

[PR Department] “If you have any enquiries that you’d like to address to our company (it’s an honour!), if you could please use the hashtag ‪#株式会社四月一日‬ we’d be much obliged!”

(in response to a tweet from Megumi Ogata, Yukito’s VA) [President: Sakura Kinomoto] “Hanya~n ♡” [Secretary: Tomoyo Daidouji] “You look lovely, president!  Now, let’s capture that on video!”

[Accounting Department: Watanuki] “All expenses must be calculated by the end of the month.  Anything later than that will not be accepted, especially not from Doumeki in the Sales Department.”

[General Affairs Department: Sakura] “Information concerning the company founding party can be found in our in-house collaborative planning software.  We await your confirmation.  If you wish to invite any business associates, please request approval from your head of department.  Furthermore, the president has decided that ‘You don’t have to request permission to bring dogs, cats, or any other animals.’”

(in reply to “@makikomatsuuran: Is there a staff canteen?  If there is, I’d love to know if there’s anything you’d like to recommend from the menu!”) [Sales Department: Syaoran] “Modern yaki is a favourite here in the sales department.  I often eat it with my department superiors, Touya Kinomoto-san and Shuuichirou Kudou-san.

[Secretarial Department: Sakurazuka] “With regards to the founding party, I’d like to request that each department please prepare a party performance.  To prevent overlap between performance content, please submit a proposal detailing what you’d like to do a week before the event.  The president will be the head of the review committee, however should anyone try to negotiate with her, offer her refreshments, homework assistance or any other bribes, you will be disqualified.”

(in reply to a tweet about the animals rule for the party “@yukinoph: Could you count Kero-chan and Spinel-san as cats?  Or maybe they come under ‘magical beasts.’”)  [President: Sakura Kinomoto] Kero-chan and Spinel-san are currently employed by our company.  Kero-chan is in the sales department, and Spinel-san is in the secretarial department.

[PR Department: Karura-Ou] “All media coverage requests to be made through the PR Department.  The president has a clothes fitting planned, so in her case prior consultation with Daidouji of the secretarial department is required.

(in reply to “@shakcuri: I’m currently looking for a job so please let me join your company.  Are Chii-chan and Motosuwa-kun working there too?”) [Personnel Department] Motosuwa-san is in the general affairs department.  Chii-san is working part-time as a waitress in the staff canteen.

(in reply to “@ElementWings: I’d like to work as the president’s homework assistant (*´∀`)”) [Secretarial Department: Sakurazuka] “The president not only works very hard at her homework by herself, but also under the guidance of her father Fujitaka-san, so the ‘Helping the President with her Homework Department’ isn’t something that currently exists.  Please direct your application to another department.”

(in reply to “@only_tonight31: “How many outfits do you have?  And I assume that you’ll definitely be filming the president with all her different outfits on?”) [Secretarial Department: Daidouji] “Of course I’ll be filming everything.  The number of outfits is a trade secret.”

(in reply to “@prussia1756: I’d like to join your company, but is there some kind of entrance exam?!  Also happy birthday to the president!!!!”) [Personnel Department] “There’s a written test and an interview.  Depending on the interviewer, there may be refreshments provided.  It seems there’s quite a lot of them if you get Watanuki.”

(in reply to “ann_k08: Is Subaru-kun working there??”) [Personnel Department] “He’s a member of the general affairs department.  His manner is very gentle, and he’s very popular.”

[PR Department: Yuuto] “This is a snapshot of our president and the president of one one of our partner companies who has come to visit.  Permission is required for use of this photo outside of the company newsletter.  The caption is the president’s own.”

(in reply to “@youe0210: Does Kamui Shirou-kun work there?”) [Personnel Department] “He works at the information desk.  At present, he’s being taught by his colleagues Kobato and Kohaku how to smile naturally, and he’s practising every day.”

(in reply to a deleted tweet) [Personnel Department] “Only the information desk workers and the waiters in the canteen have to wear uniform.”

(in reply to “@suzu_NR: What does FWR’s company do?”) [Management Strategy Office: Satsuki] “They’re a sweets company.  They’re particularly renowned for their castella cake.”

(in reply to “@suzu_NR: Who else works at Fei Wang’s company?”) [Secretarial Department: Daidouji] “There is a secretary there called Xing Huo.”

(in reply to “@syck06: Who else interviews job applicants?”) [Personnel Department] “In the marketing department, Tachibana and Hisui.  In the production department, (G7) Sakura and Saiga.  In the trade department, Zouchouten and Sorata.  In the planning department, Fai and Hokuto.  In the secretarial department, Kanoe and Suoh.  In the general affairs department, Aoki and Kakei.  All these people have conducted interviews in the past.”

[PR Department: Kazahaya] “You pronounce 四月犬 as ‘April Dog.’  He is the mascot and the logo of the ShigatsuTsuitachi Corporation.”

(in reply to “@RyaS2mrc: “April Dog is quite a difficult name, so is there a nickname you call him?”) [PR Department: Eagle] “It’s ‘Shigatsuken.’”

(in reply to “@i_amy16: What happens to April Dog’s face?”) [Personnel Department] “April Dog’s face is a calendar, so it’s torn off every time the month changes.  At the end of each fiscal year, a new face is delivered.”

[Production Department: Ogata] “Director Ichihara of the production department appears to have gone missing.  If anyone has any knowledge of his whereabouts, please sent them my way.  This is very, very troubling.”

[Staff Canteen: Misaki] “Today’s staff canteen menu: ■Omurice lunch (Choose from chicken rice or buttered rice).  ■Fried pork with ginger set meal.  ■Squid and tenderstem broccoli pasta lunch.  ■Miso mackerel set meal.  ■Lunch pack (Takeout.  Includes tenderstem broccoli fritters).  There are five choices of dessert.”

(in reply to “@akaya_asaka: I saw him with Misaki!”) [Production Department: Ogata] “Thank you very much!  Which means he’ll be in the staff canteen, right?  I’ll be on my way there now!”

(in reply to “@kapiyuzuki10: Please excuse the sudden reply.  Is Fuuma Monou working there?”)  [Secretarial Department: Kanoe] “He’s a member of the production department.  He seems to be good friends with (G7) Sakura-san.  However there are some who say he changes somewhat when he puts his glasses on.”

[General Affairs Department: Bishamonten] “Our company uses Cybozu.  However. https://www.cybozu.com/sp/shocker/  Cybozu-san, you’re very open hearted/broad minded.” (idk what’s going on here i can’t be bothered to check the link properly sorry)

(in reply to “@SANxLAUGH: Aside from Fei Wong’s, are there any other companies you do business with?”) [President: Sakura Kinomoto] “There’s President Imonoyama and President Higashikunimaru.  Apparently Taishakuten is a company president too!  Kentarou-san’s secretary is called Takeshi-san and Taishakuten-san’s secretary is called Ashura-ou-san.  Nokoru-san is trying to headhunt our very own Suoh-san, the secretarial department say that this is very bothersome.”

(in reply to “blosam: Which department is Yasha-ou in?”) [Personnel Department] “He’s on the security team.  So are Kurogane, Gingetsu, Ioryogi-san etc.”

(in reply to “miiko_25: In your company, do you have events like sports days?”) [Personnel Department: “Yes.  As well as a sports day, we celebrate easter, we go for flower viewing, we do Bon festival dances, we have Christmas events, mochi pounding ceremonies etc.  Each year there are a lot of events.  However on Valentine’s and White Day, ‘obligatory-gift chocolates’ are banned, because the secretarial department proposed that chocolates should only be given if they are filled with the heart’s desires.”

(in reply to “@karawaha: Where are you planning on going for your company outing?”) [General Affairs Department] “We were planning on going here ‪http://shizuoka3d.gacchi.jp‬ but a fog warning has been issued so we’re currently in discussions with the security team.”

(in reply to “@st_rish7: Is Masamune-kun not working?”) [President: Sakura Kinomoto] “Masamune-kun is the president of one of our business associate companies.  He always recommends us delicious things!  His secretary is called Kojuurou.”

(in reply to “@eroesm: What if someone is late in giving their White Day gift? (^_^;)”) [Personnel Department] “That’s down to individual judgement, so we don’t really have any concept of that here.  We just trust the men of this company (also any girls, spirits, magical beasts etc. etc. that may need to give gifts on White Day) not to make that sort of mistake.”

(in reply to “@ccs_0504_gd: “Is it okay for boys to give chocolates to girls on Valentine’s Day?”) [Personnel Department] “We recommend it.”

[Security Team: Kurogane] “Planning department.  If you want to work overtime, get permission from your boss, and write a draft permission request in advance.  Especially you, Fai.  Staying behind of your own accord, hiding yourself at the planning department desk during patrol rounds then scaring the late-night patrol guard is something that you’re gonna stop doing without fail.  With. out. fail.

(in reply to “@syaclamp_401: Incidentally, where is Yuui-san working?”) [Personnel Department] “He’s in charge of the staff canteen.  He’s especially well-known for his delicious Italian food.  We also have Kotori-san, Chikahito-san, Rikuou-san, Ueda-san and others bringing us delicious food and desserts every day.”

[Management Strategy Office] “From Sanada’s Ten Subordinates.  Section Manager Sanada is no good with mobile phones, smartphones etc. so please contact us for any official business.  He also thinks LINE (Japanese IM app) is a literal stripe so please, please forgive him.”

(in reply to “@suxu_NR: What does President Masamune deal in?  …is it castella cake?”)  [Management Strategy Office: Minoru] “Various things like miso, beef tongue and mashed green soybeans, but recently he’s also been proactive in the foreign exports sector.”

[Merchandising Department: Yukito] “One section of the survey that the marketing department put together for us seems to be behind schedule.  It seems probable that we’ll be late in giving some of the data to the sales department, so please get in touch.  Also, I’ve been thinking about eating omurice today.”

[Sales Department: Touya] “Understood.”

[President: Sakura] “I’d like omurice too.”

[Staff Canteen: Yuui] “Please make your lunch reservations using the staff canteen software rather than the staff Twitter account.  We have plenty though so please don’t worry.”

[President: Sakura Kinomoto] “I took a picture with our business associates! ‪pic.twitter.com/b7YHTFRk45‬” 

[PR Department] “President, please run things past us before you upload them…”

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