Square Enix Opens Mystery Site on 10th Anniversary of Merger

Square and Enix became one on April 1, 2003

Earlier today Square Enix popped up a teaser site celebrating ten years. Of what, you ask? Well, the link is currently down, but that doesn't mean this isn't an important date in the company's history. Sure, it's April Fools', but it's also the 10th anniversary of the merger between Square and Enix.


Yep, two became one on April 1, 2003, and Square Enix plans to celebrate with collaborations and other activities. As for what those activities are, we'll have to wait and see. Here's what the page looked like earlier.



What are you looking forward to from Square Enix? First person to say Versus XIII wins an eternity of crushing disappointment! 


Via Siliconera



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