VIDEO: BABYMETAL Announce Apocalyptic "Death Match" Tour

New single also announced for June

Japan’s preeminent idol-music-meets-heavy-metal act BABYMETAL is BACK with an epic + cheesy video announcing a trio of live dates (excuse us…battles) with plenty of hellfire, skeletons, and jaw dropping English narration that offers portentous quotes from “the book of the fox apocalypse”. How strong is your “metal resistance”? Find out below!



Sadly, this “non-stop live battle” is limited to a mere three shows in Tokyo and Osaka, but maybe it is for the best. A BABYMETAL “metal crusade” spreading overseas would probably result in the death of millions. From laughter. 


BONUS! BABYMETAL promoting their latest single "No More Bullying!" with the Lord of Darkness, Japanese police mascot Pipo-kun.



Source: Official BABYMETAL facebook



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