"Brothers Conflict" ACE 2013 Stage Event Report

The event revealed that the anime will start in July

Besides the official site safely returning back to Brothers Conflict from the April Fools' Day joke, more information about upcoming anime became available soon after. Anime! Anime! reports on the Brothers Conflict stage event held at Anime Contents Expo last weekend.


(From left) Suzumura Kenichi (the voice of Tsubaki), Hosoya Yoshimasa (the voice of Yusuke), Okitsu Kazuyuki (the voice of Masaomi), Suwabe Junichi (the voice of Kaname) and Gero, a singer, went on the stage in front of packed audience of female fans. Okitsu was wearing a lab coat since Masaomi is a doctor just like Suwabe came in a robe since Kaname is a Buddist priest.















Suzumura acted as an MC for the event. When it was announced that the anime will start in July, a huge applause came from the audience.


Another big announcement was music for the anime. The  ending theme will be an orignal song that will be performed by all 13 brothers plus the family pet, Juri, that is voiced by Kamiya Hiroshi.


The opening theme of the anime is titled "BELOVED×SURVIVAL" by Gero. Gero built his fan base from Nico Nico Douga and this will be his first major label release. He had a mini performance on stage at the event.


The last surprise of the event was the plan to release a character song album. 13 brothers plus a pet will be devided in smaller groups for songs. More details will come as they become available.


Brothers Conflict official site  Anime official site

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Source: Anime! Anime!

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