VIDEO: Sony's "Puppeteer" Platformer Hits the Stage with a Story Trailer

Boy-turned-puppet gets his life back on PS3 this September

As announced at GDC, Sony Japan Studio's Puppeteer platformer is heading to PlayStation 3 on September 10. Sony has since provided more details on the release, including the fact that Puppeteer will hit retail at the just right price of $39.99. Check out the story trailer below.



In addition to the price, Sony also revealed more about the game itself, which has our boy-turned-puppet hero Kutaro attempting to take down the demon who transformed him in the first place. Kutaro will be able to use other heads along his journey, specifically those of the four legendary Moon Heroes that were struck down by the Moon Bear King while fighting to protect the Moon Goddess. 


The heads grant Kutaro powers like the Moon Knight's Shield ability, or the Moon Ninja's Bomb. Other heads can affect Puppeteer's world or open up bonus stages. 



The box art: 


So far Puppeteer looks like it's shaping up to be a fun, unique platformer. Be sure to go back to our previous posts if you missed out on seeing more of it in motion.


Via Destructoid



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