"Majestic Prince" x Burger King Collaboration in Japan

"Absolute High-Spec Burger" created exclusively for watching anime....say what?

US-based fast food restaurants in Japan have been giving away anime collaboration toys with kids menu for years, but this is something new. Majestic Prince, the new Mecha anime for this spring teamed up with Burger King Japan to create a burger called the "Shiwo Whopper".



This rather plain looking finished product is not just a burger, but it's the ultimate burger for watching anime because of the below 5 points, they explain.


- Edible with only one hand

- Can keep your hand clean (the combo comes with a fork for the sides)

- Simple and warm

- Less fattening due to grilling instead of frying, great as a late night snack


- Comes with special collaboration coasters

(Never mind the fact the girl in the middle is holding a regular Whopper)


The "Shiwo Whopper" will be available exclusively at 3 Burger King locations in Japan including Akihabara from April 1 - 7 for 420 yen. Voice actress Iguchi Yuka, who is the voice of Irie Tamaki, and singer Konami, who sings the OP, will be at the Akihabara location as one-day store managers to hand out the burger to the first 200 customers on April 6th.


What do you think? Are you convinced?



Source: Tokyo Anime News

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