Japanese Women Pick 9 Dream Occupations For Their Date

Coincidentally, Kuroko's Basketball characters all fit the description

Sometimes, it is true your potential date looks a little more attractive because of what they do. Sugoren asked their female subscribers the question of the top dream occupations of the guy that they would love to date at least once in their life. I used Kuroko's Basketball to show those occupations since the official Character Bible inspired fanart and other images perfectly fit the description.





1. Fire Fighters (image link)



2. Medical Doctors (image link)



3. Pilots (image link)

4. Fashion models (image link)



5. Musicians

The singer of OLDCODEX who did 2nd ED, "Catal-Rhythm" is Suzuki Tatsuhisa, who is also the voice of Takao Kazunari.

6. Voice Actors

Ono Kensho, the voice of Kuroko, is also the voice of Harry Potter in Japan.

7. Cooks

8. Athletes

9. TV Station employees

Was there any occupations you are interested in dating in the list? Was there any occupation that is missing from the list?

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