VIDEO: The new PV from Momoiro Clover Z, "BIRTH Ø BIRTH"

New album goes on sale 4/10

With one more week to go until the release of their new LP “FIFTH DIMENSION”, Japanese idol supergroup Momoiro Clover Z continues their mysterious, masked journey across the galaxy in the music video for their new song "BIRTH Ø BIRTH". 


The science fiction-inspired clip picks up directly after the events of Momoiro's previous music video “Neo STARGATE” when the girls emerge from cryogenic slumber and go through a variety of costume changes, before finding themselves in control of a spaceship. At least I think that’s what happened. Either way, now is probably a good time to watch the “Neo STARGATE” PV again before watching the new clip below...



BONUS! Sleeve art for three different configurations of FIFTH DIMENSION to be released next week. Start pondering their cosmic and intergalactic symbolisim now.


CD only release


CD + DVD version


FIFTH DIMENSION CD + Live Concert CD version



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