Clothing Label Unveils Line Inspired By Amuro Ray of "Mobile Suit Gundam"

Here is something for the boys, if you want to dress like Amuro Ray, that is.

A lot of people may have imagined the JPOP artist when a fashion brand says "Amuro-Style". Not this time. "STRICT-G", a Japanese fashion brand started last year to symbolize "COOL JAPAN", introduced its Spring/Summer Collection titled "AMURO STYLE", that was inspired by Amuro Ray from Mobile Suit Gundam.



The style above is inspired by Amuro's desert cape in the series. The inner liner features a blue polkadot design with halo.





 The style of the clothing above is styled as if they are supplies from the Earth Federation.

M65¥33,600/ INDIGO CHAMBRAY SHIRT ¥24,990 / SHORT PANTS ¥14,595 / Hat is not for sale




The most recognized Amuro style by Gundam fans. Just like in the show, the denim jacket features hidden buttons in the front.

G-JACKET ¥33,600/ V-NECK PULL OVER KNIT ¥14,700/ DENIM PANTS ¥23,940 / Hat is not for sale



Actual Amuro Style from the series.


I have to say they have a very vivid imagination. I would have not guessed it was Amuro inspired clothing unless I saw the inner liner with the halo or the Earth Federation logo. I can also live without the striped beret thing.


Strict-G also has related accessories.


ZAKU II Face Ring ¥25,200 - ¥26,250



Char ZAKU Necklace ¥15,750 - ¥17,850 


The above items are available at the two Strict-G store locations in Japan, including the one at Gundam Front Tokyo.


Would you wear Amuro Style? Or is this "COOL JAPAN" still completely off target as some people have pointed out recently? 


Source: Fashionsnap  NAVAR  

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