"Fatal Frame" Snaps Some Ghastly Photos on PSN This Tuesday

2001 survival horror classic returns to consoles digitally

Fans of survival horror will get a chance to return to one of the millennium's early fright-fests, Fatal Frame, which is scheduled to arrive on PlayStation Network this coming Tuesday.


Fatal Frame was originally released on PlayStation 2 in Japan over ten years ago in 2001. It's kind of hard to believe it's that old now, but the series is worth getting into if you haven't played any of the games yet. Fatal Frame takes a novel approach to survival horror, with players jumping into the role of Miku Hinasaki, who visits a haunted mansion and fends off spirits with the help of her trusty antique Camera Obscura. 


Here's an old trailer for the first game, which is known as Project Zero in Europe.



Any fans of the Fatal Frame games here? 


Via Destructoid



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