Odaiba's Noitamina Cafe & Theater Gears Up For "Katanagatari" Rebroadcast

Collaboration menu and weekly screening events sure to keep fans coming

The Noitamina Shop in Odaiba, Japan hosts screening events of Noitamina block shows in their Cafe & Theater before the official TV airing. Screening is usually free and it was packed for recent PSYCHO-PASS screenings, reflecting the popularity of the show. Now the venue is gearing up for Katanagatari, which will start on April 11th in Japan.




Noitamina Cafe & Theater hosted the opening Katanagatari screening event with Yasuri Shichika's voice actor, Hosoya Yoshimasa on the 6th. The official Twitter account posted a photo of Hosoya at the event for people who did not win the lottery to attend.



There are total of 12 screenings planned and participants will receive a special post card per screening with designs corresponding to the episodes. Anyone who completes 12 postcards will also receive Hosoya's autograph at the end.


A special Katanagatari-themed menu is also being offered at the Cafe and participants can also enjoy it during the screening. Each order will come with a special coaster out of 4 designs below.





Shichika Hachiretsu Donburi Set  850 yen

Eight different ingredients over rice that you can mix or eat as is.



Kisakushi Togamen  800 yen

The name comes from a word pun of Togame and "men" which means noodles in Japanese. You can strategically mix and match 3 out of 12 different ingredients and condiments for a surprise. According to official twitter, Hosoya made recommendations for people to try.


Hosoya's MIX 1:

1. Korean hot pepper paste (Gochujang)

2. Hot chilli oil

3. Lemon


Hosoya's MIX 2:

1. Corn potage soup

2. Maple syrup

3. Black sesame


Apparently, after trying his own mix #2, he froze for a moment and said it taste like pancakes. His favorite was adding Kewpie mayo only to the noodles.




Tea House's Dango Parfait  550 yen


Green tea pudding and green tea ice cream with mochi skewer just like in the anime.


Noitamina Shop

Katanagatari Official Site

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