How To Take Photos Of A Train Trip With A Girlfriend, All By Yourself

How to fake a social life when you are forever alone

"Is there anyone who is not lonely in this society?" asked one anime character and I can not argue with him.

The Internet is filled with photos of people enjoying their social life. What do you do when you don't have anyone to be social with? Well, this hilarious article on Daily Portal shows you one solution that you can do all by yourself.


How To Take Photos Of A Train Trip With A Girlfriend All By Yourself


With this method, you can take photos like these all by yourself. The method may come to you as a shock, or maybe it's just confirming your worst guesses.



The author admits his usual train travel looks like this.



But on the next day, he was able to take photos like this with a girlfriend next to him on a train trip. He is still single.



The finished photo.


The photo from the front. He says all you need is to sit in a box seat with a wig in your hand and take the photo from behind. Oh, you will need a tripod, too.


He encourages a little effort for a special effect such as painting nails since it will give an illusion of a female hand.


The front view of the photo where it looks like the girlfriend is fixing her hair. It was just his hand.


You can easily fake a friend, too.


Just like this.


The author also mentions that the project won't be completed until these photos are uploaded onto social networks such as Facebook to let people know you have a social life. He also has another article that shows you how to take photos of a cafe date all by yourself, here.

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