VIDEO: The Latest PV from Cross-Dressing Idols Fudanjuku

New single out May 15th

The girls-who-dress-like-boys Japanese idol group Fudanjuku is back with a new single and a new PV to ponder over. Created as the male alter egos of the otaku-baited idol group Nakano Fujo Sisters, the guys...I mean, girls... will be releasing their double A side CD “Shita wo Muite Kaerou/RIKISHI-MAN” their double-A side single on 5/15.


In anticipation, the full PV for ““Shita wo Muite Kaerou” has been uploaded to YouTube but, Japan being Japan, embedding has been disabled (genius, I tell you). In any event, you can watch the clip by clicking here.



Official Facebook:



Source: Tokyo Hive



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