Crunchyroll to Stream "Arata: The Legend" Anime

Starts today at 11 am Pacific Time

Lo! It’s a new week and that means another round of new spring anime announcements at Crunchyroll! The first of the day is Arata: The Legend, based on the manga by Yuu Watase (Fushigi Yugi)!


Arata: The Legend is set to broadcast every Monday starting today, April 8, at 11 am Pacific time exclusively for its premium members. 



Background and story:


Back in 2008, artist Yuu Watase (Fushigi Yugi) launched the manga version of ARATA: THE LEGEND in Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine. After five years of publishing success, ARATA will now be realized as a fully animated series.


“The stage is the world of Amawakuni, where mankind coexists with the many gods. There, a boy called Arata is wrapped up in a coup d'état led by the Twelve Shinsho, wielders of swords called Hayagami. When he is accused of murdering a princess, Arata escapes to a forest, where he finds himself transported to the modern world.


Meanwhile Hinohara Arata, a high schooler in the present, is trying to deal with his new school life when his best friend betrays him. In his despair, he wanders off and finds himself in Amawakuni. When the two Aratas from two different lifetimes switch places, Hinohara takes on the life of Arata and becomes the next wielder of a Hayagami called Tsukuyo. Hinohara is shouldered with a new fate in this new world, and there his battles and adventures begin...”


ARATA: THE LEGEND will only be available US and Canada audiences.


The series page will be up soon at


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