"Attack On Titan" Manga to be Bundled with "Ilse's Journal" OAD Episode

OAD to be bundled in 11th volume scheduled for August, new leaks suggest FUNimation to stream TV anime

The official site for the Attack on Titan manga has confirmed that the limited edition of the forthcoming 11th volume will be bundled with an OAD with the title "Ilse's Journal". The limited edition volume will be released on August 9th for JPY ¥3480, reflecting the addition of the OAD and the staff for the current TV series will helm production.


Attack on Titan OAD announcement


In related news, early evidence has surfaced suggesting that FUNimation has acquired the anime adaptation for streaming in its current Spring simulcast roster, with acquisitions being revealed via SMS text alerts and timed announcements. The official announcement is expected to be made sometime on Wednesday.

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