"Polar Bear Cafe" Inspires New Tea Set And Original Coffee Blend

Cute tea set for one and original blend coffee available in Japan

Do you miss Polar Bear Cafe? Fans can still enjoy the many music releases coming out even after the anime is over, but there is something other than music that is coming out from Family Mart's online store in Japan.


Polar Bear Cafe Tea For One Set  2500 yen

The set comes with a teapot and a tea cup with Polar Bear Cafe characters.


The front view of the cup


The back side


The logo is printed on the back of the tea pot.




What is a café without coffee? Yes, there are Polar Bear Cafe Original Blend Drop Bags for 2500 yen.

The coffee set comes with 6 drip bags and 3 special coasters.






I feel relaxed just by looking at them. Hopefully in the future, fans outside of Japan can order them online as the store is not shipping internationally at this time.

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