"Ace Attorney 5" Holds Court on 3DS in Japan This July

Nico Nico Q&A session page lists game for July 25 release

Capcom may not be ready to announce it, but it looks like a page for a Nico Nico Q&A session ended up revealing the Japanese court date for Ace Attorney 5. According to the page—which has since removed the date—Phoenix Wright is getting ready to point fingers on 3DS on July 25. 


Silconera managed to snap a screenshot prior to the date's removal.



When Ace Attorney 5 arrives, our hero Phoenix Wright won't be alone. He'll also be joined by Kizuki Kokone, the latest addition to Wright Anything Agency, who specializes in reading emotions. We'll also get to find out what the hell happened to our man Apollo Justice here…



There's no date yet, but don't worry, Capcom plans to bring Ace Attorney 5 to the west, too. 



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