VIDEO: "Flashback" Game Gets an HD Remake

Some original team members return for XBL, PSN version

Originally released for Amiga in 1992, many folks have fond memories of adventure-platformer game Flashback. Like Prince of Persia and Out of This World, Flashback complemented its action and puzzle-solving with lush animation, and now members of the original core team are looking to revitalize the game with an HD remake.


While concept and level design remain faithful, creator Paul Cuisset's team is fleshing out the story, making a few adjustments, adding a character progression system and the ability to aim weapons in 360 degrees, and more. 



The original Flashback story follows a man who wakes up in a jungle on Titan with no idea who he is. Things get interesting when he finds a holocube that contains a message from his past self, Conrad B. Hart, who discovered a shape-shifting alien plot to destroy Earth before his memory was wiped. 


Hopefully the remake will be solid. However, as a post over at Destructoid points out, this is being developed by VectorCell. While Cuisset and others from the original team are involved, keep in mind that VectorCell also made the dreadful AMY, AKA one of the worst downloadable games of last year. 


Flashback will be making its way to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.



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