An Early Look Character Designs for Gainax's "C3 Club" Anime

"Medaka Box" animator Manami Umeshita steps up to provide character designs for airsoft gun gamer girl series

Gainax junior staffers are going to be taking a big step for the studio's adaptation of Special Measures Unit: Stella Girls' Academy High School's C3 Club, the recent manga about a girls group of airsoft gun game players. So far, the results don't look so bad as we've now gotten a look at Medaka Box animator Manami Umeshita's character designs.


Yura Yamato - the series' nervous rookie lead



Rento Kashima - bright and energetic third year student, good all around competitor, but great at recognizing spacial advantages


Karila Hatsuse - quick thinking and speedy sophomore 


Honoka Mutsu - athletic, tactical sophomore


Ren Kirishima, good natured freshman, with a supportive personality and good with support fire




Hinata Yachiyo granddaughter of school president. good long range sniper






Probably less indicative of what to expect, some solo work from from series director Masayoshi Kawajiri (background work on Dantalian)


Who would you like to see voice the characters?


via Moca and @ikari_gendo


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