Japanese Art Dealer Goes After Otaku With Custom Oil Painting Sales

Oil paintings of otaku-related images, future hit or miss?

Otaku influenced images make great wall decorations, but what if it was an oil painting? Gallery Egao in Nagoya, Japan specializes in customized oil paintings of otaku illustrations and they are hoping this will be a new genre in otaku-related business.


A sample oil painting.



The gallery contracts with illustrators and painters for the original art and finishing work. Interested customers can bring any images they like as long as the license is cleared to be made into a painting. The images or illustrations that are brought in will be made into a line art drawing by the gallery's artists in China.



The first layer of the painting is finished. It will be painted with many more layers.



Finished painting. Then the framing will begin.



A wooden base frame will be made according to the size of the painting.





The painting gets attached to the base frame.


Then the outside frame is created.


Finished product, ready for shipping.



The gallery recently obtained licensing rights from ZUN for his Touhou Project images since this is different from mass-production. They are trying to clear more licenses for other major properties and hoping that will boost their business.


The first image that came to my mind for a candidate to be an oil painting is this:

Head's paiting of Takuto's mother from STAR DRIVER


While it would be intersting to have something like this on your wall and pretend your room is Sugata's mansion, the issue of licensing is a hard one to deal with and there is also the high cost compared to other options. The least expensive option (F4 size, 33.3×24.2㎝)is 29,800 yen.


Do you think this will be a new genre in otaku-related art? Would you order? If you do, what image would you order and where would you hang it?


Source: Netlab

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