"Tomb Raider" Gets Japanese Language Pack on Steam… for 30 Bucks

Optional add-on includes Japanese voice track with subtitles

The version of Tomb Raider on Steam sports a variety of voices and subtitle options. German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish, and Arabic get both. Korean, Chinese, Dutch, Czech, and Portugese are there in subtitle form only. Japanese, however, is nowhere to be found, but that all changes on April 25.


Tomb Raider goes on sale in Japan on that date, but the packaged version, which includes Japanese language options, will be priced at a steep $80. Meanwhile, Tomb Raider is $50 on Steam, so Square Enix is offsetting the difference in pricing by charging Japanese gamers $30 to download the language pack add-on and play the game in their native tongue. 


Sure, it makes sense if you roll it around in your head long enough to justify it, but it's still a very Square Enix way to get an extra 30 bucks out of players in Japan. 


Via Kotaku



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